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Christmas Gifts for Mental Health Warriors!

The holiday season is approaching and like every year, we struggle to find the perfect gifts for Christmas. We struggle even more when we want to give the right gift to those that mean so much to us, and that are fighting mental illness. As Christmas approaches, I thought it is a good time to share with you wonderful, meaningful and helpful gifts that any mental health warrior would appreciate. Some might even surprise you!

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I strongly recommend books because they can be a great coping mechanism and an awesome resource of positivity and encouragement. The top books in my shelf are:


Christian Life Purpose

“A Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

Christian Fiction

“Eve” and “The Shack” by Paul Young.

Fighting Mental Illness (Christian)

“Anxious for Nothing” and “You will get through this” by Max Lucado.

Fighting Anxiety (Non-Christian)

“The Mindful Way through Anxiety” by Susan M. Orsillo PhD and Lizabeth Roemer PhD.


“Harry Potter Series” by J.K Rollins

“Narnia” by C.S. Lewis

“The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien


If your loved one prefers to read books using a tablet, Amazon offers a Kindle Unlimited Plan. You basically get unlimited reading in any device. You can access it here.




If you follow me on social media, you know I emphasize self-care and self-love a lot. The reason… without proper care of your physical, mental and emotional health there will be no true progress. You are just going in circles, repeating the same unhealthy routine expecting different results each time.

Mental health warriors struggle significantly with sleep, self-esteem and with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What a better gift than to provide them with things that will improve their lives by encouraging self-care and self-love, helping them get enough sleep and rest, and bringing joy and peace into their lives. Based on my experience as someone diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD, I recommend:


Spa Day – It was a relaxing experience. I totally recommend it.

Gym and/or Yoga Membership – you guys know how much I love yoga. 🙂

Gift Cards for their favorite Restaurant and/or Store.


Bath Bombs and Lotions

Diffuser and Essential Oils – My favorite! … and my Mom’s too. You can get the gift set here.

Adult Coloring Books – You can access them HERE and HERE.


Weighted Blanket – It has been shown that weighted blankets allow you to sleep better by reducing stress and anxiety. These blankets are also available to individuals suffering from Autism or ADHD.

Super-Soft Blanket – who doesn’t love a comfy blanket?

Soothing and Healing Music

Sound Machine – Nature sounds are my favorite! I can relax and have a good night sleep. Interested? Click HERE.



God is everything. He saved me – more than once, and I can assure you He will do the save with you and your loved ones. Mental illness is one of the many things God can heal. It won’t happen overnight; it can be a slow process. However, you are not doing it alone because God walks with you every day.

Recently I came across this beautiful box full of faith and encouragement. It contains a daily devotional book and uplifting content to help you have a life centered in Christ. You can not only get this box to your loved ones but also for you – because you deserve it also.

I really really really love this Faithbox. You can get it HERE.


During my darkest days, journaling became one of the best coping strategies for me. It allowed me to express my feelings without holding anything back. Once I expressed everything I wanted to get out of my chest, I was able to breathe and focus on my recovery. Journaling (and God, of course) gave me peace when I needed it the most. Also, journals can be a lot of fun! A few options are:

Self-Exploration Journal

Psalm 46:10 “Be Still” Journal

“Good Days Start with Gratitude” Journal

Joshua 1:9 “Be Strong and Courageous” Journal


Anxiety gives you this high sense of overwhelming and rushing thoughts. We overthink everything and this adds more stress to our unorganized crazy schedule – just because we don’t feel we are doing enough. One way to help with those feelings is by having a planner where you can write everything you would like to do and organize it by priorities.

These planner are beautiful, elegant and extremely useful! I buy one every year!

2019-2020 Floral Planner

2019-2023 Floral Planner

2019 Hardcover Planner

But… the most important gift is… Support and Love.

Write a letter and let them know that you care and love them! Tell them that they are not alone and that you are there to help in any way you can. Fill them with positivism and encouragement.

Believe me, this is the most meaningful and beautiful gift we can receive this Christmas.



  • Nashalie

    This article is so helpful for us and those that need to establish the priorities. You and they need to keep fighting. God’s will is better than ours.

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