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Elizabeth, the angel we didn’t know we had!

On September 27th of 1985, my aunt Elizabeth, was born.

My mom (right), my aunt Lima (right) and my aunt Elizabeth (center).

Elizabeth grew up in the beautiful mountains of Puerto Rico. She is the youngest out of 5 siblings, and the spoiled one in the family. Elizabeth was unique and special. She made every single person laugh and transmitted happiness everywhere she would go. At the age of 8, Elizabeth became an aunt, and I was her first niece! Nonetheless, we were raised as sisters.

Elizabeth was always there for me. As we grew older, our relationship got stronger and we just couldn’t wait to see each other and plan the next pajama party or shopping adventure. We had so many childhood stories, that I could literally spend days just talking about it.

My auntie became my role model.

September 15, 2005

Elizabeth (left) and me (right).

I remember it as it was yesterday. I was 12 and just got back from school. My mom had prepared one of my favorite meals, lasagna, and sat us all (my sister and my Dad) in the dinner table. We began to eat, but we heard a car. It was my grandpa. As I walked outside to say hello, I noticed that he wasn’t quite himself.

My grandpa, Toño, was crying. It was the first time I see him cry. His face was red, and he looked desperate. He was struggling to talk, and the only thing he could get out of his mouth was: “Elizabeth had a car accident and they are talking her to the hospital”.

My heart sank. I was confused, shocked and lost. Immediately after my grandpa left, my parents drove me and my sister to my grandma’s house. There we waited for hours before my parents came back to tell us the horrible news.

“Elizabeth is in heaven” – my mom said to me.

The hole I felt in my heart and soul is something I can’t explain. It was painful and sad. My legs got weak, my heart hurt, and I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t believe it! How? Why? I had just lost my older sister. She was only 19 years old! The following days, weeks, months and even years, life as an individual and family was simply not the same.

15 September 2018

I miss my aunt so much. Her love towards me and my sister was unconditional. She was humble, beautiful, smart and funny. Her great sense of humor and unique personality is what made her so special. Her presence brought light into every room she walked into.

Elizabeth was loved by her family, teachers, school-mates; pretty much everyone that had that a chance to meet her. Needless to say, when she left us to go to heaven, hundreds of people were touched. She was like an angel; one we didn’t realize we had until the day she wasn’t with us anymore.

Elizabeth, I wish you could see me now. I am married, living in North Carolina and pursuing a PhD degree in Immunology.

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