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God, I am thankful and here is why…

This past weekend, my husband and I, had the wonderful opportunity to visit the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. We arrived Friday evening and unfortunately, due to daylight saving, we weren’t able to appreciate the mountain view on the way there. But… when we woke up the next morning, we were blessed to see the beautiful mountains and gorgeous fall colors of Asheville.

We spent the day eating from delicious local restaurants, hiking to a waterfall, visiting shops and walking around downtown Asheville. After the day was over, we played board games and enjoyed each other company. This is the point in which I realized how blessed I am. However, immediately after, I felt sad. Why?… because I spent the day appreciating and enjoying everything without stopping for a second to say, “Thank you, Father”.

The same way we forget to be thankful to our Father in Heaven, we forget to be thankful to our family and friends. Instead, we wait until Thanksgiving to actually sit down and take a moment to show how grateful we are. Does our career matters more than God, family and community? We probably answered that with a big NO. Then, why we do it, if we are aware of what we are doing it?

This past weekend was powerful in many ways. God taught me that creation is perfect because He is perfect, and He loves me despite forgetting to show my gratitude. God whispered and asked me to be like Jesus; He asked me to be a thankful daughter. Here is my answer…


God, I am thankful because of you.


You give me life.

I meant when I said “give” instead of “gave”, because you give me life every second of my life. You fill my lungs with air, open my eyes every day, energize my body so it can walk and run, touch and feel, and see, and above all, you allow me to experience a life full of love.

Life is something we take for granted. We often forget that our body is the amazing creation of God and that without Him it doesn’t work. Life is taken as something that nature came up with. Nonetheless, life is the simple definition of God’s perfection. He gives us this wonderful gift every single day. The least we can do is to say, “Thank you, Father”.



God, I am thankful for the life that you give me every day. I am thankful for allowing me to be alive to experience everything you created. Help me to use this gift wisely and for your glory. Help me live a purpose driven life.


You gave me my family.

How many times in our lives we allow ourselves to be so busy and distracted that we don’t even have time for our families? Probably the answer is “many times”.  Let’s change that.

Family is a precious treasure. My family and I have always been very close however, every now and then, I miss an event, forget to call back or when I call, my mind is somewhere else. I changed that. I got tired of living in the job! So, I started to be more mindful, and prioritized what is really important in life. Family is irreplaceable. Remember that you might not always have them with you.



God, I am thankful for the family you have given me. Thank you for allowing me to have my mom, dad, sister and little brother in my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share meaningful times with them. Please, take care of my family. Give them health, love and happiness. Walk with them in the good and not-so-good paths of life. Provide them with blessings now and forever.


You gave me your creation.

I don’t know about you, but I really think that God’s creation is AWESOME! The colors, smells, views and details that God put into it, are beyond one’s imagination. During our mountain trip to Asheville, I got to appreciate and experience God’s creation at its full potential. It was a blessing, and I can’t thank God enough.

God gave us a beautiful planet, one that we tend to forget about. I think that the least we can do to show our gratefulness to our heavenly Father, is to take care of our planet – our home. I am challenging you (and myself) to be aware of your surroundings and learn to appreciate God’s gifts to us – even the smallest details. We might not be here long, but there are more generations to come.



God, I am thankful for your creation. I am grateful that you have created this planet and everything that comes with it, for us, even though we might not always deserve it. Thank you for your compassion and for loving us so much. Help us take care of your creation; help us be mindful and humble.


Thank you, Father.

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