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How to pay your debt and be stress free!

Money (or Debt!) is a common stressor and mental health trigger in people. How can we survive if we don’t have money? Right? Unfortunately, everything that is needed (physically) to survive (food, water, shelter, clothes and medications) requires money. So, how and what can we do to pave the road towards stability and financial freedom?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial expert nor this post means that I am financially FREE. Far from that. Nonetheless, I wanted to share the path that is working for ME and hope, that together we can ACHIEVE that goal.

1.Discovery your “why”.

Why you are in debt?

Why you want to get OUT of debt?

Your answer should be specific and detailed. What is motivating you to get out of debt?


2.How much you owe? Start with the BIG debts.



Student Loans

Personal Loans

Credit Cards

Hospital Bills


What’s the % interest in each debt mentioned above? Prepare a list (or excel sheet) and organize your numbers.


3.Life Changes.

Not everyone has the privilege to have a luxurious life without working their “butt-off”. So, establish priorities.

  1. Monthly BILLS
    1. Basic: Water, Electricity, Internet, Cellphones, etc.
    2. MINIMUM payment for each debt (step 2).
    3. Food Budget.
    4. Emergency/Savings Fund. Save, even if it’s only $20 a month. Unexpected circumstances happen ALL the time. If you don’t have this fund, you will end up using the credit cards that you are trying so hard to get rid of.

Additionally, it is important that we realize that not everything is WORK! So, saving some money will give you the opportunity to balance your life and enjoy well deserved vacations every once and a while.

  1. Less outside dining (fast foods included) and more home cooking.
  2. Search for ways to consolidate your debt, transfer your balance to a low-interest credit card, and start paying the minimum (as mentioned above).
    1. Organize your debts from smallest to highest.
    2. Start paying each debt monthly.
    3. Once your smallest debt is payed, use that extra money (from the minimum payment) and add it to the monthly payment of your next credit card. This is HELP you pay your debt FASTER!

For more details on how to do this, I’d recommend visiting this website: and buying the book “I Was Broke. Now, I’m Not.” It definitely helped me get my finances in order.


What if I do not have enough income?

You would be surprise to know that a BIG percentage of people have multiple sources of income. So, finding a flexible gig, that works with your lifestyle and schedule, will help you navigate the path towards financial freedom. I will give you 3 online gigs that you can work from the comfort of your house (and that I have experience with!)


This is a long-term game. Bloggers do NOT get rich overnight. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will make a decent paycheck in the first 6-12months. However, with persistence and hard work!!! you might be able to make a nice side- or full-time income.

FACT: Becoming a blogger “just because” is not ideal. It is difficult enough to create a blog with content that you love and feel motivated to share, imagine what it would be like to force yourself to write something you are not interested or passionate about. Plus, if you think your audience will not notice, you are wrong. The best blogs come from authentic, passionate and hard-working people.

In my experience, income becomes a second priority during the first year. Don’t get me wrong, you should design your blog and write your content as if you were getting paid! However, do NOT expect to receive a large paycheck in your first year. If it happens GREAT! If it doesn’t happen, it is OKAY. Like I said, blogging is a long-term game!

Having said ALL of that, blogs CAN be a good source of money.



Again, if you are looking to become debt-free/rich overnight, this is not the gig or POST for you.

REAL TALK: “Becoming a consultant is pretty easy. Pay the fee or membership, and start selling.” This is what the majority of people will tell you. Well, it really isn’t. Consultants that make a good amount of money (some earn up to 6-figures!!) prioritize 1) the efficacy/quality of what they are selling, 2) the relationships that are creating with potential customers or teammates, and 3) what to learn and how to apply it to build a long-term, successful business.


-> I will give you an example of what it is like to be a consultant by sharing MY JOURNEY & biz. <-

I am a Rodan + Fields® (R+F) consultant (and a wife, student, blogger, mental health advocate and seasonal baker!) and I still find pockets of time that help me earn MONEY with this business. That means that, consulting (at least with R+F) , is a FLEXIBLE biz. In other words, you are your own BOSS. You alone can  set the deadlines, schedules and work-style.


  1. I am a consultant for Rodan + Fields®, I love their products, and I believe IN the company. So, I am building this business (and earning money) by sharing what I use and love.
  2. Choosing the right sponsors and mentors is important! You would want to belong in a team that isn’t competitive but that makes sure everyone’s business is growing.

HOW MUCH MONEY can you make as a CONSULTANT?

It depends! If you are using it as a side income and dedicating just a few hours a week, $500 is a good average of what is completely achievable in a monthly basis. However, if you are dedicating your full-time to this business and set solid goals, you can easily earn thousands of dollars!

DO YOU NEED TO INVEST with Rodan + Fields®?

Yes, but ONLY when you start. After that, you make that money back in no time.


Investing makes you eligible to bonuses ($) and incentives, increases your confidence in the products and yourself, because you will use the products and see the results, and most importantly, you’ll belong in a community of SUCCESSFUL women that will GIVE THEIR BEST to make sure you achieve your goals.


I was just like you, and now I get to take care of my skin and earn money (to become DEBT-FREE!), just from sharing my love for skincare and advocating the importance of self-care and mental health.


CONTACT ME! We can become DEBT-FREE together. I will be than happy to talk to you, give you more information and answer all your questions.



If you are good at explaining and have enough patience to teach other people and answer their questions, this is the job for you. I actually tutored online ( for a full year (I told you, I’m a busy woman! Lol).

REAL TALK: Although online tutoring doesn’t pay a lot, it is a flexible, low-ish pressure job.


Now, it is time to put it into practice! Let’s get this journey started!

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