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Meet Tippy: Our Beloved Cat

Since I moved to the USA from Puerto Rico, I have been wanting to have a cat. However, I didn’t want to rush things. I wanted to wait until I had the time, money and space to provide a healthy and loving lifestyle to a furry baby. Last year my husband and I were finally able to buy our first house. Space wasn’t longer an issue neither money nor time. So… we adopted Tippy! A beautiful 3-year old calico cat.


I grew up having many pets. I was basically living in a farm (check my post A walk through my life) however, I was never allowed to have indoor pets. My mom isn’t a big fan of having indoor animals.  All my pets lived outdoors, cats and dogs included. Basically, adopting Tippy -as an indoor cat- was a new experience. Since day one Tippy and I connected. She was happy to have found a home. When we brought Tippy home, she was scared and confused. She spent a few hours under the bed until she finally felt safe to explore the house. To be honest, I was so nervous. I didn’t want to make a move in the wrong direction. Cats can be extremely picky. However, Tippy was not the case. By the end of the day she felt comfortable enough to eat, play and be petted.


That’s how our journey began.


Tippy and I became really close. She likes my husband, but she also sees him as someone she competes against for my full attention. Tippy is not just our pet but she is a part of the family and a great part of my support system. After having Tippy for a few months, we noticed that every time I would feel down, be crying or had a panic attack, she would sit right next to me or on my lap. She made sure that I wasn’t alone, and she would stay with me until I was feeling better. Today, she still does it. Tippy’s emotional support has helped me fight depression, anxiety and the horrible episodes of PTSD. (You can read my post “Fighting Anxiety and PTSD” here)

Tippy brings love and joy into our lives.


Today, Tippy continues to help me during my blue days. Nonetheless, that’s not all she does. Tippy is a very healthy active playful cat! She likes to wake us up at 5am to ask for food, she walks all over us at night (just for fun) and she spends most of the day sleeping in her window bed. Because we love her so much, Tippy is incredibly spoiled! She has traveled with us to Puerto Rico and she was with us during our wedding day.

Tippy has a unique personality and like most cats, she tends to do things that don’t seem to have a logical explanation. For example, we bought Tippy a really nice comfy bed however, she never sleeps on it. Tippy prefers to sleep with us or in our laps, suitcases, drawers and welcome mats. In addition to completely ignoring her actual bed, Tippy has the impulse to follow me to the bathroom and wait for me right outside the bathroom door. She also likes to stare at me while I sleep, play with random objects rather than her toys, and bite and destroy boxes or plastic bags. While all of that is odd, it is still considered as a common cat behavior.

Tippy came to my life when I needed her the most. We are grateful and blessed to have her in our lives. We don’t regret adopting her at all!! In fact, we are planning to adopt another furry baby in the near future.


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