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Nashalie Rodriguez

My name is Nashalie Rodriguez and this is my story…

“And suddenly they invite you to share your story.” We live with so many concerns that we forget to add value to what we do. Telling our story sometimes makes us a little more vulnerable because we might remember events that are perhaps more sensitive, but my story will help you understand me and encourage you to never give up.

My passion for pastries

At 13 years of age, with the support of my mother, I decided to start selling my creations to pay my school fees because my father was disabled and my mom did not work. Maybe it was not a traditional childhood, but it taught me to appreciate sacrifice and earn money daily. I do not regret anything I’ve done, and my parents have always been there to help me accomplish each goal. There have been nights full of sacrifices but also full of satisfaction and passion for every dessert I prepare. I always try to do my best because I know that every creation is a sign of love… the love that I have for the kitchen and the desire to create a unique experience to the costumers.

Dulces El Rancho

I had the initiative to create my page on the social networking called “Dulces El Rancho” and is a space I use to share photos of some of my creations. It’s a business idea I’d love to make if God permits me in the near future.


Currently, I am 22 years old and last year I got my bachelor degree in Management and was recognized as the student with highest GPA of my department. During my time in college, I had to face many challenges. Yes, I had failures, but one of the strongest was the breakup of a 3-year relationship in which I gave all my love. It was difficult to keep up with classes and pastry orders while maintaining a high self-esteem.


With God everything. Without God nothing.

I did not succeed alone. My family has been with me in every step of the way; moreover, God has been with me. The powerful unconditional love of God sustained me when I thought my life was a complete failure. I learned that we suffer at the very beginning but then, sooner or later, we find the courage to 1) prove others that we are worth a lot, 2) prove to myself that I am a child of God and 3) acknowledge that I have no reason to be afraid.

Faith is not only two letters, faith a conviction and the ability to recognize that God is there, that Jesus saved us and in all circumstances, He is present to embrace us.

Exercising is another of my passions. I managed to lose 35 lbs since January 2018. This has happened because of my discipline, dedication and effort. Everything, and I mean everything, can be offered to Jesus. A week ago I was exercising and within my everyday situations I felt God sending me a message. Suddenly it came to me this question,

“why would you settle for so little after all you’ve been through?”

Realizing that this question came into my life at a time of sadness, I began to cry because I knew God was present and willing to encourage me. Once again, I had put all my love and affection in a person that is not who God has prepared for me.

Disappointments happen to us every day and we think that those around us want what we want and will value us as we value ourselves. I really hope so, but we must be realistic and accept that we are living with people who perhaps have not found their purpose in Jesus.

Today I want to give you a message…

… just because other people don’t value you for who you are doesn’t mean that you have no value. You’re daughter / son of God. He forgives us and loves us so much that He wants us to look good, happy, stable and with a dazzling smile. He is strong, and remember that God is faithful… Faithful to his promises and His purpose for you. Fear not, He will not give you a task beyond what you can bear or do.

My story is still in process because God is working in me and through me. I have many dreams to fulfill and blessings to pour. I reaffirm that all that I have and am is thanks to God, my Savior, and my family.

Do not give up, the process is difficult, challenging and sometimes tiring, but you must remember what you’ve done to get there. You can look back, but only to remember where you came from and to prepare your next steps to move more firmly into the future. Remember that there is no greater goal than to enjoy the Kingdom of God.

God says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


Nashalie Rodríguez
Dulces El Rancho “

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