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Wendy Wallace

My name is Wendy Wallace.  I am a wife and mother.  I am also a quadruple amputee.  In 2011, I developed what I thought was the flu, but it turned out to be something far more menacing.  I contracted necrotizing fasciitis, which is a flesh-eating bacteria.  I spent 3 weeks in a coma and when I woke up both hands and both feet had been amputated.  Necrotizing fasciitis affects the soft tissue which spreads to the internal organs.  When they start shutting down, extremities start to die, thus the amputations.  I spent two months in the hospital and one month in rehab before I was able to come home and rebuild my life.

When I was looking for answers as to how I was going to continue to live my life successfully, the first place I looked to was God.  It’s impossible to share my story without including the fact that hundreds of people were praying for me when I was sick.  Doctors told my husband, Mike, that I was going to die.  His faith wouldn’t allow him to accept that. We believe in prayer.  God heard those prayers and He answered them.  This is why I can share my story with you today.

God has given me the grace and courage that I need to carry on.

Without God, I would still be in a wheelchair. Today I use prosthetic legs. I don’t use prosthetic arms because I feel like I can do more things without them. I have tools, like a cuff that I wear so that I can eat.  And I have a strap on my wrist with a stylus attached so that I can type, dial the phone, turn pages in a book and do many other things that having a finger would allow me to do.

Besides God, the second most critical part of my healing was my husband, Mike, and my three children.  Without a support system in place, I would have struggled enormously.  It’s very difficult to take care of yourself when you don’t have hands. Mike is my rock.  He helps me dress and shower which is difficult to do with short arms and no hands.  Mike prepares my lunch and the snacks I need throughout my day.  Everything he does for me enables me to be independent throughout the day.  My children, who are all in their twenties now, fill in all the gaps of what I need help with when Mike’s at work.  Together we are a well-oiled machine.  It’s a beautiful thing and I am thankful every day for the many blessings that God has given us.

Basically, we all have some type of challenge in our lives.  If it’s important to us, we make it work.  Simply by Gods grace and a little ingenuity, we have been able to carry on as if life is normal. For us, preparation is definitely key!

Last year, I started blogging ( so that I can share my story with others hoping to inspire them and help folks overcome the challenges they face in their lives.  Not only has it been helpful to others, but it’s also enabled me to heal more than I could imagine.

What a blessing!

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